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Company description

Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP)

A group of social and economic development professionals, with complementary skills and competences but common social values and principles.
Brenda Greene
San Francisco

Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP) is a pioneer start-up company in the fields of innovation, research and development with the mission of advancing and empowering the services of businesses and social actors. HIP specializes in designing and developing services for the society, the market and the economy, consulting and supporting a number of companies, public administrations and supranational institutions worldwide. HIP is equipped with highly skilled and experienced personnel in entrepreneurial consultation, training, digital services and technology, research, equality assurance and communication. HIP focuses on providing the foremost innovative and sustainable products and services to its partners and clients to achieve a cross-effective, positive, high-equality and influential impact in their fields of work and activity.

Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP) is a start-up company focusing on the mission of utilizing innovation and technology for advancing and empowering the services of business and social actors. The main vehicles that we utilize for this purpose include ICT tools, Capacity Building Programmes and Consulting services.

Our team includes experts coming from multidisciplinary backgrounds, but with solid background and expertise in working with market stakeholders and the Third Sector at international level. Our cumulative experience and track record includes successful collaboration with companies of various industries and economic sectors, institutions and Local Authorities in various EU countries, the European Commission and NGOs & Organizations active in the field of human rights.

Our approach is customer-driven, based on close and regular cooperation and interaction with our customers and partners, for achieving actually tailor-made solutions meeting their particular needs and challenges.

Company mission

HIP’s mission is to enable innovation for the benefit of the community by empowering market stakeholders and social actors. We want to promote the benefits of state-of-the-art tools and solutions to companies and organisations, aiming at enabling them to meet the most urgent and challenging needs of the modern community in the best possible way. Our ultimate goal is to make innovation and technology serve modern communities.