Inclusion ToC

InclusionToC uses the Theory of Change (TοC) to foster the inclusion of under-privileged groups such as migrant women in VET education. TοC is a reliable, standardized method with the advantage to engage all participants in a co-creation process, namely involving target groups in changemaking
Project: Theory of Change for the Inclusion of Women Migrants in VET [Agreement number no. 2021-2-PL01-KA220-VET-000048764]

Theory of Change is a tool to help organisations describe the need they are trying to address, the changes they want to make, and what they plan to do. It is a methodology for planning, participation, and evaluation to promote change by defining long-term goals and then mapping backward to identify necessary preconditions.

A 10 step approach is implemented. For each of these steps, InclusionToC offers a set of tools and guiding information, of how to implement the step and insert input, while directly involving VET staff and students and supporting processes for the analysis and selection of appropriate solutions, proposals and ideas.

What InclusionToC offers: