During its 24-month lifetime,
Enhancing support for Roma women victims of GBV
Implementation: Start: 01/09/2023 – End: 1/08/2025

RoW-POWER is an innovative project designed to support Roma women at risk of gender-based violence (GBV) in overcoming the cultural, linguistic, and social barriers they face in reaching out to and accessing relevant support services. This will be achieved by bringing together Roma mediators and GBV professionals in an effort to promote mutual exchange and cooperation that will allow them to better understand, respond to, and support the needs of Roma women at risk of GBV. RoW POWER attempts to train, improve skills towards tackling violence against Roma women and foster cooperation across two key sectors that until now have not cooperated in an organised way: a) Roma mediators and b) GBV prevention organisations and victim support professionals.


RoW-POWER will focus on the identification of good practices and skill gaps in Roma mediators and GBV professionals’ cooperation as well as the development of a capacity building programmes for Roma mediators and GBV professionals and the formulation of a protocol of cooperation between them to be used in Workshops with Roma women victims of GBV or at risk of facing GBV.


Within this context, the main objectives of the RoW-POWER project are: