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Our team has experts in different areas of expertise, coming from multi-disciplinary backgrounds: Business consulting, providing business and finance support; Graphic Design, specifically brand building, user interface design, digital printing and publications design; Computer Informatics, providing research and consulting services on IT solutions, Communications Technologies and Digital Advancement in social enterprises and other social and business oriented institutions; Project Management, having background in donor funded projects and programmes (mainly from the EC), implemented not only inside the EU, but also in developing countries.

Prabha Dongre

Prabha Dongre is working as General Manager in Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP). Ms Dongre holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies, specifically in International Relations and European Studies from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. Currently she is taking a Master’s programme in Security and Diplomacy at the same University. She has been an intern at the Ministry of Education in Romania, and has taken part in other projects related to the diplomatic and political domains.

Irina Opincaru

Irina Opincaru is working as researche for Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP). She holds BA and MA diplomas (awarded 2010 and 2012) in Sociology, University of Bucharest. Irina has worked within large European Projects, with various methodologies, quantitatibe and qualitative data collection and procession, having strong report writing skills. She has over 6 years of research experience, both academic and applied, in the areas of NGO sector, social services sector, cooperative practice, social economy and financial exclusion, being a researcher at the Institute of Social Economy, part of the Civil Society Development Foundation, Romania from 2013 to 2019.

Alin Fordon

Alin Fordon is working as IT Technician and Developer for Hub for Innovation Policy (HIP). Mr Fordon holds many profesional certificates in the IT department, along with a post-secundary diploma in Informatics and Management Accounting. Currently he is providing research and consulting services on IT solutions, Communication Technologies and Digital Advancement, along while having an active role in the development of e-learning platform/activities development were HIP’s involvement is being present.