During -and after- its 34-month duration,
Gender equality in coaching
Implementation: Start: 02/01/2024 – End: 30/10/2026

Why the SheCOACH matters?

The Council of Europe highlights the persistence of gender inequalities in sport, which affect aspects such as access, responsibilities, salaries, media coverage and reintegration into the labour market. Despite the increased participation of women in sport over the last 50 years, women coaches remain a statistical minority worldwide. It is estimated that only 20-30% of sports coaches in Europe are women, with even lower figures for qualified female coaches. Stereotypes, systemic barriers and the over-representation of men contribute to this imbalance. In basketball, a 2020 FIBA survey found that elite female coaches represent 34% of the total worldwide, highlighting the gender gap in coaching.

The masculine culture of sport and stereotypical perceptions pose challenges for female coaches, affecting their motivation and confidence. Organisational factors and the lack of support systems hinder the career development of female coaches. Female coaches are expected to navigate between conflicting expectations, conforming to masculine behaviour while affirming their gender inconspicuously. The European Commission’s proposal on gender equality in sport identified barriers at organisational, interpersonal and socio-cultural levels and highlighted the neglect of gender issues in coaching education.

A 2017 mapping study on sports coaching education revealed insufficient attention to gender issues, highlighting the need for more effective approaches. The European Commission’s guidelines on minimum competencies for coaches mention gender equality as a core competence for safeguarding, but do not address gender mainstreaming in coaching education. The 2022 High Level Group recommendations advocate education, support, campaigns and role models to increase opportunities for women in coaching.

What do we want to achieve?

The SheCOACH project is a multi-stakeholder initiative, involving Basketball Federations, Basketball League, a Coaches’ Association, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), a Higher Education Institution, and private organizations in the fields of sports coaching, and sports education, which aims to contribute to gender equality in sport coaching, by promoting the participation of women in (basketball) coaching education in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain.

The SheCOACH objectives are the following:
Who do we address?

The primary target groups of the SheCOACH project are:  

Additionally, the project targets:

The SheCOACH effects and benefits

During -and after- its 34-month duration, the effects of the SheCOACH project and the benefits to the target groups are expected to be the following:

Short term effects

Medium term effects

Long term effects